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Had to deal with a not so alright moment in a self defense c

Had to deal with a not so alright moment in a self defense class.

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Aug 10

@norseduncan It is sort of a combination. That was just basic self defense, but he might not be used to teaching women in the class. There are only a few.

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Aug 10

@JustPosting I would tell him privately how it made you feel. He needs feedback in order to be a better instructor.

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Aug 10

@JustPosting zenman has a good suggestion. women or men should not matter for an instructor. i get the feeling a more seasoned instructor would not have made this mistake. I have taken instruction in multiple martial arts, and instructors always make sure everyone is ready. Even if you are in the ring competitively fighting the referee will make sure everyone is ready before starting the fight.


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