For the past 8 days it feels like I’ve been strapped into


For the past 8 days it feels like I’ve been strapped into the back seat of a car my anxiety and panic have been off joy riding in. I know the car will inevitably run out of gas, as it always does, but this thing seems way too fuel efficient. I’m finding, as I enter this new chapter of my life, a lot of the tools (forms of therapy, medications, mindfullness practices) seem to be much less effective than they once were. I am switching up medications, and working regularly with my therapist, but I am feeling so bogged down by the thought of how much work and time I know it will take to get back to the quality of life I know I can live. Part of me is starting believe that I’ll never be able to get out of that back seat, no matter how hard I work to or want to. And if I do, it won’t last. It’s hard to give every new day the fighting chance it deserves when each new day brings the same struggles as the one before. I know I’ll get through this, just feeling really stuck lately.

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May 25

@Steve42365 I hit your support tab. Whether for Depression, anxiety etc. It's difficult for any Doctor to just prescribe a medication and expect it to work right off the bat. It takes time to tweak the amount, how often and if it needs to be given with another medication too. And yes, you can look up on the Net, certain foods are bad for Anxiety and depression. Certain foods really help with Anxiety and depression also. When having anxiety, breathing is a big help, relaxing etc. I'm sure you know this. Watching something funny on TV or YouTube helps a lot also. Trying to take your mind off what ever your worrying about.

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May 25

@Steve42365 thanks -sorry for the late reply -never get alerts. Glad to give my input. Sometimes I wonder am I getting too addicted to the 'support grp sites' I am part of? How do you feel about these, do they help, have they become 'coping mechanisms' that you use when huge anxiety comes on?
My recovery journey has given a dx of complex ptsd. I did not think that was possible but as I research, over and over it seems to be the ONE area of symptoms, poss answers to reach my ADHD brain.
I have insomnia but I think it's due more to inability to exhaust physical energy at nightfall, so even tho I've stretched or whatever -I'm not just 'falling to sleep, getting REM sleep anymore' -so frustrating!!

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May 31

@Steve42365 I don't know about my son, but for me time of day hasn't had an impact. I wouldn't take it before bed. I only take it once a day and a very small amount. You have to do what's right for you. I'd say you should take it consistently. Like all meds it has side effects. Sometimes it makes me cry for almost no reason at all. It's when it gets low in my system. It causes me to have ringing in the ears, too. So, I'm not sure I'm going to stay on it. I'm not a big fan of these antidepressant like meds. There is no magic pill. More passive things can have benefits without the side effects. There are scientifically proven reasons why diet might have a big benefit. Fruits, vegies, protein, without the simple carbs are what is recommended. If you eat a lot of pasta and white bread, you might try whole grain products. Coffee and alcohol are not good for anxiety. There is new research that focuses on people who have panic attacks have high acid content or build up in their brain. Drinking plenty of water which you're suppose to do anyways, can help with that. Also, tools like breathing and exercise are important. There are books on techniques to manage actual panic attacks. I know it's an up hill battle, but the fact is if you want to improve you life, it requires hard work and dedication. You seem like the kind of person that is willing to put in the time.

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