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My story It all started a year ago, at my first panic attac

My story
It all started a year ago, at my first panic attack I thounght I hand a heart attack, of course I called an ambulance, and the doctors told me everything was fine and they did a injection, of course I still feel stings in my chest and I couldn't breathe, but I finally fell asleep. The next 6 months were an ordeal because I did not know what was happening and during the day I could not breathe and I was dizzy, almost every night I hand a panic attack and I thought that after falling asleep I thought I was going to die. Every night, every time I drove, I thought I was going to have an accident + a lot of other things. I still didn't know what I hand until after 6 months I dreamed that my teeth were falling out and I searched the meaning of this dream on google and I read that I may have anxiety discorders and I saw that the dream is my salvation. I went to the psychiatrist where he offered me some pills for treatment, but I noticed that because of these pills it is harder for me to think and when I don't take them that condition appears again, I didn't know what to do with it. At one point I came across a book that promised to get me out of those states, of course I would have given anything and tried anything just to get over it. I was very surprised when I saw that everything in the book made me understand why I have these conditions and how I can get over theme. I'm glad I got over this.

That gave me back my life:

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Hope you feel better.

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Sep 14

@madaboutyou Wow I had never heard this before. My panic attacks returned about a year and a half ago. I'm 44. Life circumstances are also to blame, for sure, but I'd never heard that hormone changes can also cause them. Thanks for the info!


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