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Hey everyone so I have been really anxious and feeling alot

Hey everyone so I have been really anxious and feeling alot of panic with this virus I dont want to go anywhere or do anything but stay home I keep seeing different things on different days and I am trying not to feel this way but I am freaking out and I am scared and lonely and I just want this all to go away if there is anyone who might like to talk to me I could use a friend

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Apr 1

@des9999 sounds like you have the motivation and desire to help you persevere toward your goal! Teaching is not an easy profession with all the expectations imposed these days but it is still a great way to make a significant difference in the lives of your students. What age group would you prefer to teach?

Apr 2

I want to teach pre school through 2nd grade I get along with these ages best and it's fun to teach little ones

Apr 2

@des9999 Totally agree that this is such a fun age group! As you know it does also involve a lot of teaching of social and character skills since those are still forming at this age. At my school site we get to learn about and do activities to emphasize a different character trait each month of the school year and I appreciate the chance to help them learn how to be good human beings!


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