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Hey everyone. It’s been another good while since I logged

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Hey everyone. It’s been another good while since I logged on. I’ve kept so much inside for so long and I forgot that I need a place where I can openly share. I just had my first panic attack after no attacks for months and I’m still trembling and my muscles are just so tired. I’ve been trying to get off my medication and I hate to admit that I might still need it, because I want so badly to take natural vitamins and supplements instead of antidepressants and hormones. But I really don’t know if my anxiety has ever been this bad- I haven’t been able to eat for days and I can’t even stand being in my house right now. But I burnt some incense for the first time today and it made me feel happy, so maybe I can incorporate that as a coping mechanism. My head hurts from thinking and my stomach hurts from indigestion. I want to get away.

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Dec 6

I understand you wanting to take the meds, but sometimes they are necessary to get you to a place where you can begin coping. There will be other things that can help. Like the incense... keep using it if it helps. Often things like taking a walk, exercise, listening to music, will also help you. Find those things that lift your spirits and do them often. You will get through this and you are not alone. HUGS!!!!

Dec 7

Panic attacks...just so much fun (sarc). I just remind myself that it's "just" a panic attack, and sooner or later it will end.

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Dec 7

My go to for panic/anxiety attacks: go to the bathroom and shut the door, turn on the faucet and the shower, sit in the dark against the wall and try to focus only on your breathing. I try to get to a steady 1 2 3 4 inhale and exhale before I leave.
This has helped me so many times. Maybe it could help you.


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