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Hey everyone. It’s been another good while since I logged

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Hey everyone. It’s been another good while since I logged on. I’ve kept so much inside for so long and I forgot that I need a place where I can openly share. I just had my first panic attack after no attacks for months and I’m still trembling and my muscles are just so tired. I’ve been trying to get off my medication and I hate to admit that I might still need it, because I want so badly to take natural vitamins and supplements instead of antidepressants and hormones. But I really don’t know if my anxiety has ever been this bad- I haven’t been able to eat for days and I can’t even stand being in my house right now. But I burnt some incense for the first time today and it made me feel happy, so maybe I can incorporate that as a coping mechanism. My head hurts from thinking and my stomach hurts from indigestion. I want to get away.

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Dec 2

@hopexo I’m listening to manifest miracles / attraction 432 Hz elevate / Elevate your vibration on YouTube and it’s very relaxing. Maybe you will like that.

Dec 3

I'm so sorry you had to go through a panic attack after not having any for such a long time. I understand you're wanting to not take medications and hormones while potentially switching to something more natural. However, if the meds and hormones are working then maybe that shouldn't be messed with. Have you talked to your doctor about your desire to get off the meds and what alternatives you may have? I personally love incense and essential oil diffusers. They can be so calming. I also spend a few minutes when I feel a little anxious just closing my eyes and doing breathing exercises by counting to 4 as I inhale, hold for 2 counts and then exhaling for 4 counts. It just really helps me clear my head. I'll be praying for you to find peace and calm.


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