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Hi I was just wondering has anybody here ever suffered with

Hi I was just wondering has anybody here ever suffered with depression panic attacks anxiety during pregnancy

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Mar 9

Yes my wife did. Hang in there.


Mar 10

Dear Daisy, congratulation on starting with the journey of motherhood. Getting pregnant means a new challenge every day. No matter how stressful the situation is there is hope that a new life is coming to give you loads of happiness. The excitement and thrill of having a baby after 9 months save from all kinds of panic attacks and stress. There are some symptoms of the pregnancy that are experienced by everyone. These changes are subject to so many things. One of these changes and challenges is the stress and anxiety. A pregnant woman has multiple reasons to feel the stress but she does not confirm that why all this is happening. Despite the fact that it happens with all the women, it is worth mentioning that you must learn to fight it yourself. Too much of stress is not good for the baby. If you want to harness your stress and anxiety then be your doctor yourself as there is no medication for pregnancy-related stress. Try to express yourself. Talk to those who care for you. Take out some time for yourself. Take proper rest. Spend time thinking about and then talking to your child.

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Mar 13

Dear Daisy first accepts heartiest congratulations on becoming a mom. Pregnancy is the power of a woman. It is a dream that gives the sense of fulfillment. It adds to the ide and status of a woman. Becoming a mother is a special thing. Pregnancy comes with several physical and mental changes. One most frequently referred problem in the pregnancy is that of the anxiety and depression. The problem you have mentioned in your post is stated by 33 percent of the women going through pregnancy. Like other bodily changes, it is also a change that has to be faced courageously. The mom too must remember that is very natural to face mood fluctuations, irritation, and anxiety. Usually, the remove the depression and anxiety in your hands. If you feel that the situation is growing worse then it is better to go for a medical advice.It is a really great thing to get yourself checked. Counseling sessions can help resolve the problem. Mostly the anti-depressant is not recommended in pregnancy. It is advised to go for a nonmedicinal treatment. Change of lifestyle and daily activities can save you from this condition. Fitness programs based on yoga can be a great experience.

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