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Did not have a good day. Set out to learn but it did not r


Did not have a good day. Set out to learn but it did not really happen. I just cant see my future becoming good reality. I am so depressed and to not have the strenght to go on nevertheless moving out of my mother's house tomorrow. I am overwhelmed and scared. My anxiety is creeping up. Just do not know how but there is a way. I should just push on but i do not feel like i can. Really thought things were turning around but seems like i am back to my useless selv. So tired ov this rollercoaster. Just when your perspective shifts and you get hope reality hits you in the face. Need to change. My live is really a mess and at this rate the mess is not being cleaned up :(

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Mar 25

May I ask if the moving out from your mom's house is a good/exciting thing, or a bad/tumultuous thing? In other words, how are you feeling about the move? Moving for anybody is a huge life change, ESPECIALLY someone who is going through a lot of pain like you are. Because of this, I think NCMom is spot in saying that you should be looking at the little things right now, and focusing on one task at a time. Once you are settled physically in your new place, then you can start focusing on more big picture things, but until then, let yourself think small. Give yourself a little breathing room, it sounds like you've earned that. Please PLEASE don't use terms like "going back to your useless self". YOU.ARE.NOT.USELESS. That's so easy to say, and almost impossible to believe when you're hurting, I understand that personally. But please at LEAST, if you can't think positives about yourself, just start with minimizing the *cough*inaccurate*cough* negativity's. Please do some homework: For the next week, at least while you get settled in your new place, be kind to yourself. If it sounded like you didn't deserve that, I wouldn't suggest it, but by your own wording, it sounds like you are trying so hard, so you absolutely deserve that mental pampering; doctor's orders (not actually a doctor).

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Mar 28

That is the best advice that I have ever heard. Give yourself a break. For some reason we are all too hard on ourselves. Lots of hugs and prayers for you.

Apr 2

@KirbyWaltz Thanks so much for your comprehensive response. I sincerely appreciate it. It means a lot to me. I am working on the negative self talk you are spot on!!!

I am kind of spared the despair of moving out since we were put on lockdown and my mother wanted me to stay. I was very relieved but i know this is temporary. looking for work to support myself. I am trying to focuss on the small accomplishments of everyday and will continue.

Thank you and everyone else I sincerely appreciate everyone's help.


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