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Hey guys im back after 3 months. Im going to be very honest

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Hey guys im back after 3 months.
Im going to be very honest and straight. i neve felt any happier than before. My head is so clear.
I had a lot of problems, anxiety and lots of other stuff. i had it for 5 years groqiwng up. And , i like to say that, my issues are in the process of being gone.
I just like to say what ui learnt,
1) it Absoultey essiential to find a good PRIVATE thereapist specialised in ur needs. Don't overthink it.
Sometimes, advice may be inaccurate for your particular situation but if you feel that the advice is right, follow it, follow ur heart, instinct.

I ntoiced i cudnt think properly when i am such in ad dump hole. But almost everyone has weekends or holidays to reflect and then going thru treatment, i am so much more now.

Most important of all, You will find the solution, you yourself, like i did.

I feel very happy. AS you can tell from my profile pic :).
I do want to help as many people as possible so anybody similar yo my position or exactly, does not fall in the pattern of mistakes and know to to make the step. The step is finding the solution, which can be finding a private therapist, but don't overthink, just try and do and at least u find out.

God bless everyone

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Mar 14

I am so glad you are doing well, well done for never giving up on yourself!


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