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i keep getting shamed for not getting out of bed, for eating

i keep getting shamed for not getting out of bed, for eating too much, for not wanting to go outside, for sleeping at strange hours... all of these are signs of depression yet they don't seem to realize it.

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Aug 12

not everyone knows what u r going through i can relate and i totally understand u. but remember that just because they are shming u does not mean that they dont love u sometimes its just there way of "getting u out there" . they dont know so plz dont get upset on them. try talking to them instead :) i hope u make peace soon <3

Aug 12

hi not everyone may understand because they have not been through depression but i have and I would just eat watch movies not want to go anywhere I had a parent who never treated me good have you thought about trying to get some help so you can feel better I am here if you need a friend to talk to

Aug 12

I'm going through the same right now .. I don't wanna get out of bed I don't wanna eat ..I know I need professional help but sometimes I just need someone who talk to.. so if you need that
too...Just someone who listen ..Talk to me


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