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I feel like I'm being gaslighted all time. I cant tell if I'

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I feel like I'm being gaslighted all time. I cant tell if I'm going crazy by being so hypervigilant or if I'm really being gaslighted at times.

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Feb 14

Me too. What kind of interactions you have in mind?

The isse could be kinda parallel to what I wrote in the long comment about CPTSD.

Took me ages to find a clinician who has a clue, so it's not a gaslighting marathon.

Still, it mostly works on me narrating and cutting off most questions ("I'm getting to that"). So it works bc he's willing to listen and comfortable with not understanding (rather than jumping to conclusions to validate his own preconceptions intellectual superiority). Haven't even told him why I'm there (said it will be easier to understand later). So I've openly stated I will not "be interviewed" bc that wouldn't work. The clinical context aside it's kinda how mutual trust and respect should work, I think. If someone say they want to listen, but try to interrogate you, that's an imbalanced interaction and a sign they're unwilling to trust or believe you.

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Feb 14

@Scat I think you already have.

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Feb 14

@mmadwaite Happy Valentines Day, dear.


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