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I'm posting this because it's so important and also because

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I'm posting this because it's so important and also because I keep on seeing people taking medication to cure their "Feelings", whatever they are, in hopes of getting better.

Feelings and thoughts are just that; feelings and thoughts. No medication can change those. No medication can change my beliefs about myself and the emotions that arises from them.

Being resilient means going "Through" the good and bad, and coming out stronger, because only when we go THROUGH a pain, a feeling, anything, we release the intensity and the suffering it brings.

There are many many natural ways to deal with the patterns, but majority take the easy way, believing strongly that a poison prescribed to them will take care of it all.

Change the thought patterns, change the diet, change what we feed the body (thoughts, food, movement) and it knows how to heal itself.

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Jul 14

Why then does it keep popping up?


Jul 14

@MorePositiveVibes It pops up because it's still here -- it's not deleted. The thread is CLOSED -- meaning NO MORE COMMENTS, PLEASE!.....

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Jul 17

While we support and love each of you, it is very dangerous in life to make absolute statements, people may have differing opinions, but to say that psychiatry is wrong or dangerous are troublesome comments, we think they are important tools for some and absolutely essential for others. Thank you again, but this post is now closed. Best-SG


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