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I feel stupid lots of the time for speaking on my insecuriti

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I feel stupid lots of the time for speaking on my insecurities. A natural feeling of guilt or embarrassment comes along after talking about it. I'm use to bring put down either way so I guess that's where it comes from. I've always had a hard time expressing how I felt because I was always basically told to shut up and when I finally say something I'm mocked and still put down. Right in my face.

Sep 10

Identifying our insecurities is part of the healing journey. Sifting through them to determine which ones are really ours can be an eye opener. Half the crap I carried around wasn't even mine but had been projected onto me by other people. Then I was beat down for it. Once you figure out which fears are really yours, it is then that you can do something about them.

Insecurity is born and festers in childhood. They are contrived through a child's mind and a child's interpretation. Once identified you can rework them through your adult mind using logic and wisdom you have gained throughout life. To top it all off you have to reassure your inner child the alarmist that change is good and you will protect that child.

Getting in touch with your insecurity is a huge step towards healing and reaching those points where you no longer attract narcissistic people and have no attraction for them.

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Sep 10

I feel that way too sometimes. I often wonder if I'm exposing too much of myself too fast. I'm trying to be more cautious with my vulnerability and discerning about who I show my insecurities too.


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