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Prayers that this baby continues to grow and is healthy.plea


Prayers that this baby continues to grow and is healthy.please. Last time I wasn’t so lucky and lost it at 7 weeks. I’ve not been excited since being told that I’m pregnant again. I’m terrified and I try not to even let myself plan because I feel like it could happen again.

Jul 11

hey, there love! I hope this finds you in good health. I know hard it must be for you. but you should be strong. giving up is not an option. I am really happy that you pulled through. you have been strong before. it is truly an inspiration. stay positive about this. and don't forget to take care of your overall health. it matters a lot. and it definitely affects most of the brain functions and the production of different secretions. these secretions in turn release hormones. so stay healthy and stay strong.

Jul 11

Hey there Dear. How are you doing? I hope its all great. I am really sorry to hear about your previous experience. I know it must be really hard. I have been through all this. I know the difficulties. However, I am happy that it's working out now. don't stress out.ITs not good for you. I hope you get what you want. Take care and lots of love. and prayers for you too. I hope to hear more in the future. BE strong and positive.


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