How’s everybody doing? I have been fighting back and forth

How’s everybody doing? I have been fighting back and forth with depression, anxiety, and just being sad for as long as I could remember. Although nowadays I have been smoking thc carts to get high and make myself feel better. I don’t necessarily think smoking is a terrible thing. However it’s gotten out of hand. I always make sure I have a cart or 2 on me just in case I would want a smoke break. I no longer leave the house without it. I find a chance to smoke in secrecy while living with family everyday. Especially at night, I smoke for hours and hours and often stay awake very late. This substance is taking control of my life and how I act with other people. I also believe it’s making me become more stupid, more forgetful, and it caused me to gain a little weight. I care about all these problems that come with the carts. But I never put it down and it’s very difficult. This process has been going on for more than a year. I would like some help to wean off the cart. And try to live a regular life again. Does anyone have any personal experience that can help? Or any tips at all? Thanks.

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Jun 10, 2021

Thank you so much I really do appreciate your words and sharing your experience!

Jun 11, 2021

My only personal experience with addiction is through my brother. I lost him twenty years ago to suicide, after several failed attempts to take his life. He used meth and alcohol and it cost him his life. I would encourage you to find an AA or NA type group (their supports work similarly so you could apply them to your situation). It will be difficult but by setting goals and reaching them, you can gain control over this. Maybe start with only taking 1 cart with you, and reminding yourself you only have the 1, make sure whatever is going on is worth using it. Set time/location limits for yourself of when/where you can smoke (only outside, during daylight hours, etc.). Then do your best to stick to them. If you make it a week or two, then up the goals and start working on them. You got this! And we're here for you. Prayers for strength to put those carts down and get back to regular life.

Jun 11, 2021

Hmmm, I do know that magnesium is great to calm nerves, your spirit and mind and will help you sleep better too. I take it evenings with dinner or after. Also, ginseng is great to get rid of sticky negative thoughts that loop so that might help you not be so needy of the carts. Ween yourself off rather than cold turkey so you don't give up. Allow a bit, but put time limits on when you can or how many you can have and slowly lessen it and up the magnesium maybe that will help too. Taking walks is very good for your soul and helps with sleep too. Hope these help you. =)


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