Having major anxiety right now. Shaking, nauseous, constantl

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Having major anxiety right now. Shaking, nauseous, constantly feel like I'm about to cry. I don't know how I'm going to function this next week . . .
Am I just broken?
I thought I had come so far . . . and now this.
And the loneliness here in my living space . . . not having a friend to call up or a friendly coworker to ask for help . . .
I'm kind of afraid I'm about to screw my life up more so than I have ever done . . .
. . . and I honestly have no idea what to do . . .
my frame of reference is gone . . .

I have had no appetite for two days, but am forcing myself to eat as I get hypoglycemic really easily . . . and of course not eating makes everything worse . . .

What do I do? How do I not spiral out of control and wind up not being able to perform my job (temp) and losing it and all references and end in a heap of tears incapacitated without any purpose for living . . .

I'm not there yet . . . but it feels like my only a few threads from coming undone . . .
my stomach feels like it's on fire . . . :(

Can someone send me some nice words?

(I'm sorry)

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Aug 9

@bebobaBetty thank you for asking :) it's gotten better (or I've gotten better). The temp Work starts soon so I'm hoping I don't panic again but I'm really going to heed much of the advise given here and be proactive about it :)

Aug 9

Be positive and have faith, you are on the right way.

Aug 10

you an talk to me whenever. keep on forcing yourself to eat. it's a necessity. I would also get as much sunlight and exercise as possible. relapses suck, trust me I have gone through them too. I'm in a pit right now too... afraid ill lose my job, my fiancee... even my sanity. sometimes its like I want to lose it all and be in a mental hospital... just so I don't have to take care of anything anymore but then I would be disappointed in myself. keep going dear. I was so bad last year that I lost like five pounds because I was always stressing and had a relapse. actually I haven't had anything to eat today yet... might get a burger since I'm in a food court though


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