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Well, so I have anxiety or that’s what my mom says and I t

Well, so I have anxiety or that’s what my mom says and I think I do, the thing is that I feel very lonely, everyone keeps telling me that I have a lot of friends and that I shouldn’t overthink anything but I mean every time I see things on instagram of other friends or just the fact of always being me the one who makes the plans, I just feel that people wouldn’t care if I just disappear, I can’t talk this with anyone I know because they will tell me I am over reacting and over thinking but I am just broken, I feel lonely I don’t want to feel like this anymore, please help me

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Jul 11

You need to make peace with yourself, you should focus on improving yourself, try some hobbies, occupy your mind. Instagram can be poisonous because you see highlights of some people's lives, you don't see behind the curtains, everybody has problems trust me. I have the same problem as you and you are not overreacting. We subconsciously created barriers for ourselves and think negatively. The good thing is that it can be changed. Look up on youtube couple of videos about changing your subconscious, it is not easy and it takes time but it really helps.

Jul 14

Loneliness is a hard place to be in. I have been there many times and with social media and how quickly we can get caught up in the “perfect” lives of others there is a lot of loneliness in the world. I commend you for getting on here and talking it out. Thats so important. You are not alone. I have had to go so far as getting off social media in order to detox myself and find out who God has made me to be without all the comparisons I was making. Do you have any social events you go too like youth groups, churches, or clubs? Praying for you.

Jul 14

Instagram and social media is 100% lies, I have few friends there who share funny posts and that's it for me. What are you doing with this thinking is just creating negative feelings which will hurt you only.
Make peace with yourself, don't focus on what other people think. Who cares if people don't call you? you can call them and it is the same thing.
Two of my friends are not answering my calls for two months, guess what? i keep calling them regardless because i believe they are my friends and i don't care if they don't answer or call me back.


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