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Hey, its been... well a while. Alots happened. I'm going on


Hey, its been... well a while. Alots happened. I'm going on a date in a couple of minutes. But I'm prettysad. My moms upset at me for going out right now. Its 11:40. I'm 21, she thinks that's too late. And she says that everytime and really makes me feel bad. I feel awful and I'm a really sensitive person. I just want to know if this this an ok hour to go out for like people my age? Cuz I live in a rural area so I dont know if it is or not. Please maybe send me blessing and positive energy. My moms made me very worried about my date too. She told me to watch out she thinks he might you know... like date grape me ( ya I meant to put grape I just dont like the word its awful) so ya that's her. He really talks about sex alot but like what guy doesnt? Shes acting like her husband doesnt constantly bring up boobs. So I dunno. I'm just stressed. Please help a girl out from taking a step back maybe and calming down. I'm really stressed and really high anxiety. My mom doesnt want me to go out but I kinda need to just get out and do something but I dont want to do anything stupid. I mean I trust him but jesus I'm rambling. Awww man help me >.< Ugh stress stress stress

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Sep 14

It is a little late to go out with someone unless you know him really well. The thing about being in an isolated area is that there may not be any help nearby if you get into trouble. Your mom may have a point but if you are a responsible person she should also trust your judgement of the situation. If you haven't known this guy long, it may be better to reschedule and meet him in places with lots of people around for the firsr few dates. If you know him well and really trust him and really want to go, a late night date should be ok though it's unconventional. Just don't do anything that feels risky to you and you might think a bit about what you can do if someone tried to rape you so you can react quickly if it ever happens. I don't want to put a damper on your evening, but the guys who seem nicest can sometimes turn out bad. If he talks about sex a lot (which is not very normal) he might mistake your going out with him as consent. So it really comes down to how well you know your friend. If he really likes you, he should not ditch you if you ask to reschedule for a more normal hour.

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