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I'm not really sure why I'm back on here. I guess I just wan


I'm not really sure why I'm back on here. I guess I just wanted to write to whoever sees this. Just feeling lonely. When i first joined here in 2014, I think it was. I met a friend on here. I really enjoyed talking to her and we stayed in touch via text/facebook messenger pretty regularly until last September-ish. I know she was going through her own stuff. It just hurts to lose a friend and someone you enjoyed talking to.

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Aug 1

@Peteroo8 Yes and I get that. I just feel very broken right now. But I will heal and look at my side of things so I stop attracting that shadow side.

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Aug 1

I've had it happen here too. I think sometimes life circumstances cause friendships here to end for whatever reason, and yes it is sad when it does. I'm here to talk to if anyone wants to reach out as well.

Aug 1

I think it just doesn't happen here on SG but in life in general.. it's just how life is, people sometimes (often actually) just drift apart when life gets in the way. I'm here to talk as well, if anyone wants to reach out. :)


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