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Hello again These days I've now know what is keeping me f

Hello again

These days I've now know what is keeping me from being truly happy.

I never opened up my heart at all.
Never to my best friends, not to my boyfriend, my siblings even my parents never really step foot in my heart.

I never know why I couldnt do it. I never had a really bad childhood, no traumatic expirence but I still am too scared to open up.

Granted there is always my therapist but she only helps me through my depressive state and all that. And she was so sure that I was getting better.

Not to mention in a few weeks im going to have exam weeks and me being stressed out again isnt helping.

Can anybody help me open up? I know it isnt easy but im willing to change.

Help me please

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Mar 15

Opening up your heart can be a tough thing. We feel we need to protect ourselves? I think being able to keep our expectations low can help, meaning if we aren't expecting a best friend to meet all of our needs, we are free to enjoy them and enjoy what they do give.

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Mar 15

What do we really mean by becoming open? Trying to talk about yourself in such a way that something of the inner person, that is you, is communicated to others might be one way of being open or at least thinking about being open. That inner person is a complex person who has a variety of thoughts and feelings. Wanting to share with other people these inner feelings and these inner thoughts is one way of becoming open. What you share about yourself should encourage others to come in and make contact with you. To involve themselves with you. Being open is difficult. It makes us feel vulnerable, psychologically naked and usually anxious. But it also is important in terms of really letting others get to understand how we think, how we feel and what we believe.
We often hide our inner thoughts and feelings because we're concerned if they'll be accepted by other people. But we also shut out other people from knowing and accepting us by not being open. By not being open with others, we're really saying we don't fully accept ourselves. We're denying ourselves that chance to speak out, to declare our inner thoughts and feelings. It's up to you to decide just how you're going to talk about yourself and what you're going to say. Telling somebody where you bought that new pair of shoes might be one way of being open. However, it might be more meaningful to share why clothes are important to you. What is it about those pair of shoes that is important to you? Another example might be to say that work or your relationship is terrible, it's horrendous. However, it's more important to share why you're saying that about work or your relationship. That puts the conversation on a little deeper level. There are risks attached to sharing that information. Most important is an immediate here-and-now honesty that goes along with being open. For instance, sometimes when a person resents someone, they still smile and pretend they're happy.

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Mar 16

in my point of view the best way to get out of it is talking to people, starting with your therapist, since its there for a reason and then to someone who you are more comfortable with, you can also write things on a journal and then read to people, its hard at first but i know you can do it, let us know how that experience goes, wish my friends would do the same.


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