I’ve been helping my aunt and uncle now for a couple of da

I’ve been helping my aunt and uncle now for a couple of days. My uncle recently had open heart surgery so I’ve been the one to step in to take care of their 2 kids so my aunt is able to go back to work. Honsetly I was very nervous with my depression. Even tho I don’t feel like I’m dealing with it, still. I feel like the structure of having a schedule helps keep my depression at bay. I know I still have to address my depression so it doesn’t hit me out of no where. I guess I’m just tryna figure things out Day by day. Helping others just gives love to my heart and I know I have to help myself first but rn I feel like, for once, helping is actually healing to me rn and I couldn’t be more thankful. I’m so glad I joined this group. Not only for all the support but just to have a place to type all of my feelings and it not just be on a paper to be thrown away, but for ppl to actually see my emotions and validate how I feel. Even tho I know I shouldn’t need validation to be happy. But it does help me to know I’m making the right decisions

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Cw1's picture
Oct 19, 2017

Loving and helping the people you love is a gift you seem to be getting. It sounds positive which is great! And everyone needs validation from something; totally normal. Thanks for the beautiful post.

DrunkenMermaid94's picture
Oct 21, 2017

I love all of the support I’m receiving. You guys don’t realize how much I appreciate this. I don’t open up to people which is a flaw but being able to just come here and let everything out and feel heard. It puts so much love and light in my heart

Zepol46's picture
Oct 22, 2017

@DrunkenMermaid94 Positive feedback, positively reinforces the positive things you are doing. Its a win, win, win! Congrats, keep it going!


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