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So, it has been some time, but i'd like to put an ending to

So, it has been some time, but i'd like to put an ending to this story, since it has been going on for quite some time, and I'd love to put it behind me. I'll start from the beginning: one year ago in March, my previous girlfriend and I broke up, a clean break up, recovered in a couple of weeks. A month later I met another girl, very pretty but not as smart as I thought she was. We dated for two weeks, we got physical after one; at the end of the second week we slept together, end I've never seen her since. Let's put some context: when I met her she had broken up with her boyfriend two weeks before (with whom was together for about 4 years), I was scared it was just fooling around to get over him... and I was right. The last day I saw her she told me she saw her ex in front of her house, and gave her a lift to school: he told her he was (i quote) "f*cking another girl" and that he did cocaine the night before, I'd bet the things are related: that same morning she saw her car scratched with the handle broken. The facts I was told are still foggy, but she was sure it was him who committed the act. Later on that day, she went home, and I texted her, funny enough she still had feelings for the ex boyfriend, I'm not the jealous type, so I told her to make a decision with no pressure; the next day the verdict came, I got rejected and I was broken.
A month passed, and on the afternoon of a normal day I received a couple of voice messages through Instagram from the ex: he was threating me of death, and knew where I lived, the same light stuff you get every day. I reported him to the local police two days later, I never got a message again from him, but the girl texted me trying to talk up the boyfriend and asking for forgiveness. Since I don't want to ruin anybody's life I "withdrew" the report, but I was shook, and I kept thinking about her and this experience.
A year later, a couple of days ago, I texted her, I wanted to know something but I didn't know what, I wanted to see her and see if she was the image I had in my head, so I asked her to meet up, but she refused in a weird impolite way.
This evening I think I finally understood it all, I remembered the conversation we had that last day: she told me her ex was seeing someone else, with better qualities than her (I'm not going to mention what qualities), and immediately after she got back with him, it's obvious... jealousy. There was never a "her and I" it was just her and the ex, the whole time, I was just a prize she could show off. It was a competition for the both of them to get the other jealous, maybe not consciously, but still... This makes me feel so good, I wondered if I wasn't good enough, but **** she just d*mb, she made the whole decision out of jealousy, no rationality involved. The guy was a possessive idi*t, and a couple of months ago they broke up, funny enough.
I tortured myself for her, and now that I've understood the whole thing, it seems all so tiny, she seems so tiny, so naive and shallow. Maybe this was the closure I needed.

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Jul 4

But you have closure. This is good. You see the situation for what it was—two people playing games. I would never want to be in a relationship with someone like that. You only put in two weeks with a person who entered the relationship under false pretenses. But you have gained a lifetime lesson.

So consider this.... If a similar situation presents itself in the future, what will be the signs that will tip you off? What is your plan to deflect these kinds of people?

Jul 5

@L2015 well it was kind of a d*ck move but whatever

Jul 5

@Belle-boots actually i've always deflected these kind of people, I knew how she was and I made the mistake of not trusting my instinct because she was very pretty and she gave me attentions, so my lesson is: if I don't trust her I shouldn't


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