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GOOD NEWS (for those who have seen my previous entries a


(for those who have seen my previous entries about this girl I fell in love with and all of the anxiety and stress after confessing and being left in the dark for months)


Today I have a date with the girl I'm in love with (my bestfriend) after so long I said "screw it" and threw everything to the unknown and the wind, and built the courage to ask her out officially on a date. She immediately replied yes, and seems very excited! "I can't wait" she replied as i reminded her earlier today about our date. My heart has never known this joy, and I am a nervous wreck! I guess the people supporting me were right, she might have been waiting for me to make my move after I confessed and gave her time to think about her feelings. She teased and teased but I was a little too focused on trying to read her every motion that I lost sight and became blinded. Hopefully tonight something will blossom out of it, something more will grow forth and mature into a beautiful garden full of tulips and roses. I have never ever wished anything so selfishly, it makes me feel guilty, I have seriously never ever been selfish, I've always avoid everyone and to those who I loved, tried to give everything to. She is the only thing I have ever truly felt a deep selfish passionate desire for, and not sexually but romantically. She is the first person I have even ever thought of actually spending a lifetime with (god willing). I hope everything goes well, and I wish everyone the best, especially for those in a similar situation

Love all of you on here!

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Apr 16

Im tired of all the crap that people have. No one cares anymore except bout themselves. This world is not what it used 2 b and is only getting worse.

Apr 17

@Angel270108 I want to say that there have been times in my life where I've shared your perspective, but it's always helped to know that you always hit worse before better. Life is a circle, sometimes youre at the bottom of that circle, and sometimes youre at the top, but it never lets you stay at the bottom, unless you give up and refuse to see the good things (no matter how small). Keep clawing towards something better, trust me when I say that sooner than later it'll be rewarded

Apr 18

@ angel, I feel exactly the same, this world does suck, given the choice I would quite happily roll back time and live in the past forever. but as my time machine never came back for me that seems impossible. now all we can do is try to make 'our' own small world as best as it can be. I do that by working in retail and making as many customers smile as I can, not because its my job, but because I never forgot how much I loved my ex's smile. if I can put that smile on even 1 face per day...… then my 'own small world' gets that little bit brighter, and so does theirs.


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