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We have a break at school and im sitting in the bathroom cry

We have a break at school and im sitting in the bathroom crying because i feel so alone here, i think all these negative things about myself and think that nobody wants to talk to me because im boring and weird and wrong. I feel so sad and i feel like i dont belong here, i just wanna go home and be with myself.. i feel like nobody likes me, and least of all myself, and i also feel like an idiot for thinking these things and why cant i just get myself together and do something about it.. i just feel so depressed and unwanted and insignificant

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Mar 13

@Faxekondi123 talk to others. I'm sure that there are others who feel as you do.

Mar 14

@Faxekondi123 You are young and school is stressful, the break gives you no real routine for will be over soon. I isolate too, when I am in pain. What i do is go out...allmiserable at times,, go into a coffee shop and sit...maybe I talk to someone..maybe I don't.....what matters is that I am out there. No one knows my story and I do not know theirs either. but somehow as silent as it may be...human contact is made...and I am not the only person on earth anymore. You are not alone !!!!

Mar 14

i know how you feel. i hate faking to everyone around me that i am okay and know what i am doing when i really just feel empty and hate myself. atleast i know i am not alone.


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