Hey guys. So this is my first relationship and we both rea

Hey guys.
So this is my first relationship and we both really like each other. I just wish I could stop being a little less jealous and insecure. Everytime he mentions a girl or that he's talking to a girl, I get super insecure or jealous. Of course the guy I liked before me totally pretended that he liked me and then out of the blue, came and told me he had a girlfriend.
This guy makes me feel very beautiful and secure but somehow, I end up feeling jealous and also insecure that what if he and that other girl start talking and hit it off and he leaves me? :(
I want to work on this and what are some tips you guys would suggest me with.

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Oct 26

Relationships can be challenging and very rewarding experiences if you are ready. I think the first thing you have to do is to determine what your goals are in having a relationship. It does take some maturity. It does take some risk taking. It does take some understanding of people. You might ask yourself questions such as 1.“What is it I bring into a relationship?” 2.“What is it I expect to give and receive in a relationship?” 3. “Will we both be better because of our relationship?”

The book Ready to Wed is probably a bit premature for you now, but may give you some perspective about what boy/girl relationships should be all about and how to make them meaningful and beneficial. Maybe you can replace worry with confidence in your behavior and understanding in your actions and thoughts.

You don’t say what age you are so I am assuming that you are just beginning to have boy/girl relationships. If you're younger, you might talk to a trusted adult (teacher/school counselor/youth pastor/etc.) and ask them for resources to help you navigate this very special stage of development so that you can fully benefit and be ready for a meaningful experience at this stage of your life. I am praying for you. God bless you.

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@hsgramabrenda I'm 22. Thank you so much for your advice. :)

Nov 3

Accept that statistically it probably won't work out, have lots of fun, and treat it as a learning experience. If you stress out about it too much you'll be like let go of the rabbit Lennie.


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