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Hi guys. So umm some of you might find this a little silly b

Hi guys. So umm some of you might find this a little silly but today I had gone out with a friend of mine. And I was dressed up well and y'all should know, I'm crushing hard on a guy. Got my tarot card reading done because the connection was so intense and I came to know that this man is from my past life. So, currently we aren't one talking terms. But I went out with a friend of mine today and I wanted her to click many photos of me. And by the end of it, I realised I was going crazy because I had so many pictures of me. Like I realised today how fricking self obssessed I am. xD again, my OCD got something to watch onto and the guy who I like isn't superficial at all. I mean, he has no problem with my clicking photos or selfies but I realised that it's such a crazy thing how i was so obssessed. when I dwelled on it, I realised maybe I'm doing it so that I could get that perfect photo I could upload on social media so that he goes like oh Lord, she's so gorgeous. But like this isn't good. Even my friend said that your behaviour was kinda obnoxious toeards the end but then she said come on now let it go when I started to overthink. I apologised and she said no, I'm actually going to take it as a compliment that you're so comfortable around me. But when I opened my gallery, I saw so many pictures of me half of which aren't even good but I got scared. Like I'm not a narcissist or whatever. I'm not toxic. I don't want to be toxic but this is scary. I want to tone it down a bit. I feel scared that ehat if i gave a selfie clicking disorder xD my mother says it's my age. (I'm 20) and maybe in another year or so, I will mature and this behaviour will lessen. But I want to make a change now. I don't even want to Google any of this stuff because the internet is kinda scary. But can you guys help me. I'm anxious though my friend was like it's nothing to be anxious about - you just wanted a perfect shot so that the guys could see it!

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Oct 10

I don't think it has anything to do with OCD. I think that's how a lot of youngsters, and sadly a lot of adult people think. We just like the attention and likes we can get on facebook, instagram etc.

Oct 10

Tarot readings play on confirmation bias and gullibility


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