Do you all believe in astrology? I read some astrology bulls

Do you all believe in astrology? I read some astrology bullshit that people from my zodiac sign will have to move out from home for 3-4 months and now that I'm going through OCD, it makes me feel that what if I actually become suicidal and I have to move out and stuff so the hospitalisation bit was kind of a trigger, I'm sorry. like my OCD is making me go down a pathetic spiral ugh.

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Jan 21

I find astrology interesting but I don’t take so seriously. I don’t think you have to worry about moving. I’ve compared astrology to Chinese zodiac and found that there’s exact opposite things at time to describe. Perhaps it means not physically moving but psychologically moving away from person or changing environment little. It’s ok to have these to thoughts, nothing wrong. What helps you in past manage negative thoughts?


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