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hi. this morning i had an argument with my mom and it pressu

hi. this morning i had an argument with my mom and it pressured me so much that i started hyperventilating, having cramps, feeling faint and crying uncontrollably. not to mention my heart rate was really high. idk what that was and i just wanted to ask if it's anxiety or a heart problem. i'm really worried.
and if anyone has ever gone through the same thing, do share your experience!

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Jun 13

Sounds like the anxiety and panic attacks I used to have.

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Jun 13

Are you getting therapy for your anxiety? I wouldn't trust any support group to tell me what's wrong if you have heart problems, see a doctor. The people here are wonderful but even if you called a hospital with your worries they would tell you to go straight to the ER.

Take deep breaths, can you talk to a friend, maybe wait until things calm and talk to Mom again? I HATE when my son and I argue, it makes me very sick. Hugs

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Jun 13

Sweetheart, this must have been a very frightening experience for you. Has this sort of thing ever happened before? And would you say you are the type of person who gets worked up easily?

I am not a doctor or someone who has any authority for identifying these types of reactions, but my guess is that it's a combination of things; physical as well as emotional.

I remember one time when I was in high school and I had an episode like you describe. My dad was not very nice to a boy that had come over to visit me and we were sitting on the front step just talking when he came out and had a few choice words. He embarrassed me so intensely, that I felt many of the same emotions you describe. I was almost inconsolable and full of hurt and sadness. If I'm honest with myself, I was good and angry at him for treating my friend this way and also for handling our father/daughter relationship this way.

Think of all the emotions that accompany an encounter such as you experienced with your mother. I know it's impossible to see eye-to-eye in every circumstance, but that's when we need to rely on a parent to understand and reach into our hearts when we need it the most.

I would encourage you to do your homework and gather information about the symptoms you describe. It's definitely worth a visit with a doctor to get an accurate description of what happened to you physically.

As far as the emotional side to this, talk with your mom first, if she is open to meaningful conversation, and go over the incident one more time, hearing her perspective and how she saw things from her vantage point. If you feel talking is not an option, you can do one of two things; take some time and write her a long letter, exposing your feelings and the impact this argument had on you. I personally feel writing letters allows you to think through your words, and give you a chance to say things that might be more difficult in person.

If you feel writing is not an option, you might want to seek out the support from someone you look up to and respect. Confiding in someone will bring you stability and confidence.

Parent/child relationships are fragile, and you will both go through many more seasons of life where you'll need to rely on each other. I hope and pray that your next conversation will bring healing and restoration. Please don't hesitate to write back if you'd like to talk more.

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