For the past few months I've been feeling a combination of e

For the past few months I've been feeling a combination of extreme anxiety and suicidal thoughts or simply actions I wouldn't normaly do. I feel like I have had too many pressures placed on me and I haven't managed to cope. I'm a senior in HS and I'm about to graduate in 3 weeks time. But throughout the whole semester I feel like I haven't reached a goal somehow. I also started a job I lost not long after. My grades took a dive and I've been struggling to keep them up from that point forward. I as a emotional or physical realese have had sexual encounters that leave me feeling the same with the expected idea that it'll help me cope.I dont know where to start really. I just feel like I wanna quite or step aside from the world and just let it progress around me. Yet I'm afraid of the implications of the thought. I wish I had more people I can talk to about this. I have a freind who is the only person I can vent to but I dont think hes doing well either.

Apr 27, 2019

There's always a reason in life to be anxious about, but you have to focus on the positive and try not to worry about the little things. Perhaps you're concerned about your future after HS? But graduation is a big deal, which is something to be excited about.


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