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First time posting, so let's go. I am 24 years old. I have a

First time posting, so let's go. I am 24 years old. I have a 1year old and a husband. I had a fall out with my uncle while I was a foster parent to his daughter, who is my cousin. I was very hurt and upset with the way things were handled. Things were said and done, now we're not talking and My cousin went to love with another family. I thought I had dealt with my feelings about the whole situation. I had deactivated my Facebook account a couple months ago and decided today I'd log onto my Facebook. Saw my uncle and his wife on my news feed. They just had regular posts, nothing about me or what happened. It really upset me to see them. I unfriended them, logged off and went about my day. But once I saw them on my news feed got really anxious and nervous. That feeling has stayed me all day. Can't shake it, can't sleep. Hopefully that will change soon.

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Sep 14

it will. when it comes to mind turn your mind elsewhere, but you are going to have to face this. let it subside some first maybe.

Sep 15

Family stress is always so difficult to navigate and I'm sorry that you are suffering the pain of family drama. I know how you feel- I've experienced something similar with my sister & went 2 years without us speaking. What I've learned is that it is OK to establish boundaries with people who are toxic and cause hurt and pain to others. I applaud you for already setting up boundaries by de-friending them on Facebook. I know you are hurt and I imagine you feel like your efforts at kindness were meet with heartache and ungratefulness. Right now, you are grieving and that's OK. However, I encourage you to one day release your hurt and pain and to offer up forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn't mean what they did was OK- what it means is you release the bitterness and pain that holds you captive. You can rise above this! Know that when you release what you cannot control, forgive the hurt - you can be free. Believe in the best and focus on the positives in your life- your daughter and your husband. Sending love your way and praying you find peace.

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Sep 15

I love this, thank you. I really appreciate it and I will take this advice to heart.


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