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Never forget to try looking at things in a bigger picture. I

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Never forget to try looking at things in a bigger picture. I used to hate how my looked. Hated my nose, my hair, my chin, my eyes, mostly everything. Later I realized it was mostly because I took a lot after my horrible aunt, a small-minded envious lazy no-good. I was seriously considering saving up for a surgery.
However, one day one thing hit me. My partner, my friends, people from where I work, neighbours...they don't know my aunt. Nobody I get to see now does, only me and my parents. There is only one of these faces, and it's mine. So, I decided not to get rid of the face, but to get rid of its' reputation. Now I want this face to be associated with kindness, wits, bravery, an open mind always ready to help, so that when my niece is born, she's happy she took after her aunt, cause she will not know the one I took after, only me.
You are only yourselves, guys. Your friends know you as you are. We are our own people, each one of us is a clean slate and it's up to us to draw all over it with the nicest colours. Be kind. Be brave. Be helpful. So that your kids or the kids of your siblings are happy they carry your face.

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Jul 23

What an amazing post! I can relate to what you said so much. I am constantly told how much I look like my mother, and I never take it as a compliment. However, like you, I try to be the best Aunt to my nephews that I can be. I look forward to hearing about your journey and your experiences as an Aunt. Keep on posting and encouraging others!


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