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I’m feeling really anxious right now. I don’t know if I

I’m feeling really anxious right now. I don’t know if I should blame him or not but I feel like now so many of the small things he does, which could very well be perfectly nice things give me crippling anxiety. And I just feel so lazy but when I try to do more I am miserable. And I don’t know how to explain to people that it just feels awful. And people are like just text him back or just leave it alone but there’s this sick feeling inside. And I can’t do it alone, but I don’t want to depend on other people. But I don’t want to be lazy. And I don’t know what’s wrong with me. And I’m just so angry with myself like why can’t I just suck it up get over stuff. Why can’t I just deal with it? Not everything he does is so ******. And so then when I get like this and have no sense about what’s wrong or right, I second guess all the decisions I’ve made.

Aug 13

Dear one, I am so sorry for the place you are in right now. But please know and believe that you are not alone and you are so loved.

Thinking can sometimes be the worst thing. You get in your head and then it all begins to spiral. Especially if you battle anxiety and depression. For the longest time, if I didn't "nip it in the bud" I would end up in so many places in my mind that I didn't want to be but couldn't find my way out of. You have to be the one to stop it, though. Once I was able to recognize what was beginning to happen, I stopped it. This can be as easy as getting up and walking into another room, or turning on some music, or going outside. Physically, it might be the hardest thing ever, but each time you do it, and conquer it, it becomes easier and easier.

Having someone to talk to is also a good thing... do you have someone like that, a friend, mentor, counselor? Choosing to fight is the beginning of freedom. You are special, unique and important... choose to fight. :)

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Aug 14

Hi there,
I’m sorry that you are feeling anxious. It is not a fun feeling. And you are not alone in what you are going through. I had anxiety from a man that I worked for and thought how difficult it was to be in his presence. It took everything I had to be able to stay in the same room with him.

I tried these things to help me, and I thought maybe they would help you, too. I used a lavender spray in my office for the calming effect that it has; listened to Christain music (I’ve always believed that by putting good things into my life, then good things would come out); and tried refocusing my mind through prayer and trying to think about good things instead of the negative. Taking a walk or exercising also helps me to feel better.

Have you been to a doctor to talk about the feelings that you are experiencing? Do you have family or friends that can offer their support? I’m sure thinking of you, my friend.


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