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I have a hard time breathing in through my nose and out my m

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I have a hard time breathing in through my nose and out my mouth while exercising or regarding any physical activity or something that causes my body to feel anxious. I'm a nose breather but my body's breathing is irregular and what feels backwards. Anxiety breathing if you will, I breathe from my chest a lot too. I've felt like headed many times due to not having proper breathing training which I realize I need

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Sep 10

I can relate a bit to you when it comes to the breathing. I personally think if you can practice deep breathing from your stomach rather than your chest that may be of help. Excersise also induces many the symptoms of panic like the fastet heart rate, breathing a bit faster, etc. Also try to avoid associating the symptoms from excersising to anxiety. I.e i go down the stairs making my heart rate go up. If i say to myself "I feel this cause i went down the stairs and is natural (and will pass). " Easier said than done, but possible. Here for you :)


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