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Starting to feel anxious again. Husband said he wanted a div


Starting to feel anxious again. Husband said he wanted a divorce yesterday. Only heard from him about a bill today. I kind of want to at least go home and get some clothes but I'm afraid to make things worse.

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Apr 11

Going through such a stressful situation, you are definitely entitled to a few emotions! This is the time that you should take care of yourself. Try and distract yourself with things that might make you feel better - a spa day, some shopping, a little vacation. I would also recommend that you join a support group that can help you deal with your feelings. My husband and I were on the verge of divorce a couple years ago and I found a group called "Divorce Care" at a nearby church. They have groups everywhere, and they help you through the emotional part of a divorce. It also helped to have other women talk about their experiences - and you will find out that you are not alone. I don't know your situation or your husband's personality but I think that as long as you are civil to him and remain calm, you don't need to worry about making things worse. I will be praying for you and your situation. God bless.

Apr 11

@MoMox2 Good point. All police and Sheriff departments will for you safety go with you to allow you to pick up your personal items. All you need to do is call them.

Apr 12

@MoMox2 , divorce is no fun. it so hard to break the ties no matter what. You just have to get away.


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