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I'm really struggling lately. Left my husband after 23 year

I'm really struggling lately. Left my husband after 23 years in August and children are off to college. Feeling so lonely and sad. Started a relationship with a guy that is broken. I feel almost addicted to him even though I know he is BAD for me. He has told me I can't trust him, but then tells me he loves me. He spends 2-3 days with me non-stop and then disappears for a week. But I just keep going back. I cry pretty much constantly, have for about 4 weeks. Decide to go out and do things, but then can't make myself leave the house. Only time I feel somewhat normal is at work. Evenings are bad, weekends are heart-wrenching. Seeing a counselor and recently had dr prescribe anti-depressants. Please tell me this gets better. I can't take this much more.

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Feb 11, 2018

Thank you! I think I need to come here more for support as well. I tend to isolate myself and not reach out to people I know would help me. Some days counseling helps and other times it brings up lots of old emotions that I'm not sure I'm ready to deal with. My husband is a heavy drinker and I grew up with a dad and grandpa that were alcoholics. I've started to learn that my reactions to his drinking stem more from my childhood experiences and I have always picked similar men in my life. I know I need to work on "me" and not be in this other relationship. He is very similar to past men in my life. But right now being with him makes me feel wanted and loved in a way that I haven't felt in years. However, when I'm not with him I obsessively worry that he is with someone else.

Feb 12, 2018

It is not going to get better until u make up ur mind to not associate with this man ever again. That means no contact with him, or anyone who would feed u info about him. And no contact with anyone who will feed him info about u. This means cancel out all ur social media u r both on; Change ur phone number and email address. Dont give it out to anyone who knows him. Let's hope u dont get so far gone to where u wont be able to work ur job anymore. If u have a feeling he is cheating on u, then he is.

Feb 12, 2018

If you can't trust him now, it's unlikely to change. In a healthy relationship, you'd feel trust even when you're apart. Because you cannot feel he's faithful when you're apart, that is not good at all. It is unhealthy for you and will lead you to become an insecure basket case, like me. I used to be confident until I got involved with my narc h who constantly lies.


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