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I can't stand what my ex did to me. He is one SOB. All he ca

I can't stand what my ex did to me. He is one SOB. All he cares about is himself. The final divorce in front of the master I figured would have me at least safe in a nice home. How could he think he is going to get away with this. Why would a real man want to put so much pain onto a woman who was once their wife. I hate him. I don't hate. I only can't stand when people lie. Why? Where does it get you. Eventually it all comes out. This could ruin my life because of the July date. My credit was excellent. Now after he destroyed it, no one will loan, rent any housing or loans for housing needs a credit report. Omg, I thought I figured out an answer. No, just that it is worse than it could ever get. The state of Pennsylvania allows the spouse to sign any equity loans for them. He did this 3 fing times. Omg what am I going to do. Be a ding man and make sure your ex moves on too after divorce. Why? I never lie. All of you that do stop. No need!

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May 20, 2017

Someone, actually I believe more than one person asked about help with sleeping. There is an all natural night aid among more helpful things for your body. It is called Melatonin. However, I found the only one that worked for me was the Fast Dissolve kind. I find them at your local CVS. Hope this helps. It does come in different mgs. I use 3mg or even sometimes 10 mgs. Its all natural!! By the way thanks to all that are keeping my daughter in their prayers and supporting me!!

May 21, 2017

@Shockedsahm - I am sorry you were offend, that was not my intent. My prayers for your daughter.

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May 22, 2017

@Charliegirl816 haven't a clue what your first sentence is about. I thank you for your prayers and support for my daughter and myself. Please continue with prayers.


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