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Wish I was stronger so when bad things happen I wont panic a

Wish I was stronger so when bad things happen I wont panic as much and I'll be able to relax. I'm so uncomfortable. In trying to fight it but I might have to go to a hospital again.

Feb 14

I pray you are doing well today and sorry to hear you had to go to the hospital. Learning how to deal with hard things is never easy, hard things are unpredictable. Having had years of hard things in my life I have learned to trust God. Actually He is the only one I can trust and believe that He will get me through this whatever it is that might be going on. I have learned to give Him my worries cause there is no way I can do anything to keep control when things go bad. Please know I am praying for you. -Rachel

Feb 16

Hi Dolo,
Your post reminds me of my sister. She was diagnosed with anxiety last year and just last month she had a tough time. She messaged me and told me she's so scared. I let her talk, we prayed and she calmed down. I hope you can talk to someone you can trust or feel free to share here in the forum. It’s a big help when you can reach out to someone and share how you feel.

Praying for you for peace and strength to keep you going each day. Take care of yourself. God bless and please keep us posted, we are here for you.


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