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This isn't really important but could have been if I wasn't

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This isn't really important but could have been if I wasn't one to watch my surroundings.
The guy has NO clue I had seen him a block prior to this and ik he doesn't have ANY clue I still seen him.
So he was walking I was driving I stopped at the bank on the side he's walking. I pull in finish my phone chat as this is happening he's now walking in front of the bank I'm walking into (atm branch isn't open yet) as I'm walking in he keeps walking still has no clue I'm not one to trust anyone so I'm watching him, I see in the mirror on the atm he crossed the driveway, then he stops and walks back to the other side, I think maybe he needs the atm (not everyone who walks are broke) he stands at the grass line, I walk out and back to my car, while thinking come over to me bc again he doesn't know I'm watching him I get in my car lock my doors (habit to be in no matter if a creeper is there or not) he just stood there looking at my car and then took off walking again, there was some trucks pulling closed trailers so i got next to them to pass the creeper so he didn't see i turned the same way he was walking.
It was a creeper, i wasn't worried for two major reasons.
1st I'm waiting for that person who wants conflict with me I'm an angry person so yeah let's play and i carry a weapon in my car right by my driver side for crazy ppl who wanna road rage, try getting into my car with me, just the random things that can knock, creeper walking lol.
2nd a guy had came out of the bank before I had finished my call and was in his truck right before I was ready to leave myself.
So yes watching for walkers and bikers are for them bc I'm not gonna run a human over but turns out watching them also shows a creperie right away. That guy walking didn't see me pass him he started staring after I had gotten out of my car. This also wouldn't have happened like this had I not been on the phone bc those minutes for him to get where he was I would have been driving around the bank not walking in.
So please watch your surroundings you never know when someone will see you and decide to see what they can get from you... I was ready lol I wanted this creperie to try but he didn't lol.

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Oct 19

@CKBlossom I'm glad you might have found a release and hope it gets better quickly :-)

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Oct 20

@Wantsthelight Thank you!

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Oct 20

You're very welcome please keep me posted


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