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The more i think about moving away and leaving my family the

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The more i think about moving away and leaving my family the more and more i feel like i am betraying them. I want to move so that i can try and have a better life for myself. But me and my family been through a lot together. So it is very hard to even think of moving far away.

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Aug 15

I know the feeling of wanting to get away and start fresh

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Aug 19

I felt the same way. I left. I got a job. My issues did not go away. My husband is divorcing me. I asked him to give me 6 months to figure things out. Instead he found someone else, another guy, and he no longer wants to be with me. He wants sole custody of our son as well. I lost the job i moved out there to get. The job wants me to pay them $900 back in backpay.

I don't want to go back to my family. I don't mind getting the divorce. Everything is happening at once, that's all, but I don't regret leaving. I have been thinking about leaving my boyfriend since 2014 and every year since he hurt me. I stopped speaking to my mother as well. It has been a relief, too.

Aug 21

Are you moving because of a job situation? Or are you trying to get away from something? Why do you feel that you would be betraying your family in moving away, and how far away are you talking? I don't know a lot of the backstory in your situation, but sometimes you have to do what is best for yourself. Will you still be able to connect with your family in some way, e.g. phone, video chat, etc? I know sometimes it is hard to make changes in your life even if it is for the best. I hope you make the wisest decision for yourself and that your family will support you fully in your decision.


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