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The more i think about moving away and leaving my family the

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The more i think about moving away and leaving my family the more and more i feel like i am betraying them. I want to move so that i can try and have a better life for myself. But me and my family been through a lot together. So it is very hard to even think of moving far away.

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Aug 15

I know the feeling of wanting to get away and start fresh

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9 hours ago

Hello- Thank you for sharing.
Were you able to talk to your family about the reason for leaving them? I pray that things will go well in your family and you will have peace.

Keep us posted. God bless you.

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4 hours ago

I felt the same way. I left. I got a job. My issues did not go away. My husband is divorcing me. I asked him to give me 6 months to figure things out. Instead he found someone else, another guy, and he no longer wants to be with me. He wants sole custody of our son as well. I lost the job i moved out there to get. The job wants me to pay them $900 back in backpay.

I don't want to go back to my family. I don't mind getting the divorce. Everything is happening at once, that's all, but I don't regret leaving. I have been thinking about leaving my boyfriend since 2014 and every year since he hurt me. I stopped speaking to my mother as well. It has been a relief, too.


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