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I'm not well. Even though I seem fine on the outside, but on

I'm not well. Even though I seem fine on the outside, but on the inside I'm suffering. My mind is thinking a lot and it's making me tired. I don't feel happiness. All I can feel is despair, given up, hopelessness and I don't even know the reason for me to feel that way. All these negative emotions are making me scared. I fear that I'm not okay, I'm sick(inside), & all those emotions will fully take over me one day & end me.

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Dec 5

I'm so sorry you are going thru a down time and I know stress can overwhelm us. Many have found that taking magnesium (magnesium malate is best) and ginseng helped a lot w both, they calm the mind body and spirit and get rid of sticky negative thoughts the loop around in the mind. Also, getting outside, laying on the grass to get grounded and breathe in fresh air, looking at stars, these things help a lot too. Our environment help or hurt our mental health and physical health. Speak aloud positive truths to counteract the negative thoughts and things said to us. Also, Volunteering helps us get our of our own misery to help others, which helps us. Call those negatives a lie and correct them to yourself. Protect yourself from those who put that added stress on you and go out and do new challenging things, take classes, go to meetups. Learn new things, meet new people, it will get you out of the pit. Best to you dear! Also, getting out in the sun is good without sunscreen so you get the Vit. D which helps your moods.

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Dec 6

I’m so sorry to hear that you are not doing well. In spite of all you are going through, I pray that you will stay strong and will remain hopeful each day.

I have a friend who is also suffering from depression and her life group has been a huge help to her. She meets the group once a week and it makes her excited to hear others’ life experiences. If you don’t have a support group yet, you can try to connect with your local church. I hope it will help you to feel less lonely. If possible, try to do things that you think you will enjoy. Walk outdoors especially with sunlight, according to research it is good for uplifting someone’s mood. Check also with your doctor. I hope you will get the help you need to stay well. God bless. Keep us posted.

Dec 7

I wish we could all recognize one another with an aura or other sign that showed someone else was experiencing the same thing as we are. That would comfort me. It's not easy to keep that in mind without seeing a sign. But lots of us feel overwhelmed by misery, and you can be with the rest of us who somehow drag ourselves through to a better place.


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