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I'm new to this and I figured giving it a try. I suffer from

I'm new to this and I figured giving it a try. I suffer from depression, anxiety, and anger issues from when I can remember. Being a little kid I never expressed how I was feeling. As an adult its ruining my life and relationships. Now going through a breakup I feel at my all time low. And I really need someone to talk to that can help cope.

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Sep 18

I know it's just a calendar date and we are working on our issues because at the end of the day we want to be together. Right now I need to work on myself. We did always just sweep our issues underneath the table and i know communication is something we have to work on. Yes, we broke up but it's not like we want to be with other people it about me getting right and he supports me. Yes my friend knows and i have support from that friend as well I just dont share too much

Sep 22

Great! Communication is one of the most important and saving things in every relationship. Use the love between you to seek counsel and address and work through your challenges, you will not regret it. It would prepare you for future communication.
It can be challenging to share divulging our private relationship issues but remember that having the appropriate support, helps bring to light issues that we may be blind to and or ignore. Good relational counsel is priceless and helps keep relationships together.

Sep 23

Welcome to the SG Depression group. I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering with anxiety, depression and anger. We are here to listen and offer encouragement and support. Please feel free to share with us. This is a safe place where you do not have to worry about bein judged by others. We look forward to getting to know you.


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