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I love when people say that they can handle mental illness b

I love when people say that they can handle mental illness but when they endure you at your worst they stop talking to you.

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Dec 7

Ive never heard anyone say they can handle mental illness except if they mean dealing with their own depression. In that case, i find the person doesnt understand how to help someone chronic.


Dear angrypoet123, It’s understandable for the way you feel. Let me tell you that you are important, valuable and a person of dignity and worth of fighting for. It is understandable for what you are saying here. However, do not be discouraged because others reject or walk away from you because of your condition. You have a purpose in life. Maybe it can sound like a cliché however things happen for a reason. And I know from my experiences that sometimes we do not know how to handle suffering. Suffering is neither good nor bad. And if we embrace it we can allow our transformation into a better person. In spite of this situation let me tell you that you are a person of worth of dignity. It is understandable for the way you are feeling right now. However, have you thought of seeking counseling or therapy to help you to conquer and overcome your anxiety and depression? Counseling can help you with treatment to overcome the root of your depression and anxiety. Counseling or therapy works through things like this. You are valuable and worthy of fighting for. This list –ly are extremely important for you are going through: Do not be discourage! Hang it there! Have you considered finding groups such as volunteering in charitable works, social groups that share hobbies or recreational events, adult groups from church, etc that help you get your mind of your suffering and help to the needy. So you are not alone! I hope this helps. Sending you hugs. I will keep you in my prayers, my friend. Keep us posted, OK?.

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Dec 15

Um I have two jobs and volunteer. I can be doing something and still think about bad things. Nice try though.


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