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I am severely depressed I can't do it anymore I feel damaged

I am severely depressed I can't do it anymore I feel damaged. Can't think straight completely isolated and alone I need help

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Aug 9

@Skgarett I'm so sorry for your loss your a strong woman! Thank you so much for this

Aug 9

Close your eyes and Think of yourself leaving the house. Then journal the fears that go through your mind. If is mostly anxiety, the best treatment i have heard is exposure therapy. Strange i know but i have heard it work for many. For me, i think my changes over the years were stress triggers.

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Aug 10

Hi Mya, I'm so sorry you are feeling so bad. Are you receiving treatment....therapy, or medication? Have you tried a support group in your area? You will find you are not alone and there are others like you that can help you through your journey. I hope there is something here that can help. Please keep reaching out.


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