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Hello, I recently joined and I'm looking for support on how

Hello, I recently joined and I'm looking for support on how to deal with depression and anxiety with some anger issues where I lash out. I've posted twice but not really getting any feed back maybe I'm not sure how this works. I just want to be heard and be able to express myself

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Sep 13

I have combined them for years, the help each other out, so no worries. Chamomile is great too, but won't fix it if you are low in magnesium. That's great that you are working on a routine that is healthy for you! All three work well together, no interaction problems. =) <3

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Nov 19

Welcome. You are not alone. I get the 'rage', too. It just kinda builds up and you can feel yourself changing with it. I've tried a number of ways to suppress it and sometimes it helps but mostly nothing.

People will tell you not to be so angry. We f*** them. I love anger. It's my favorite emotion really. It has power. It motivates. It can bring change. And it could also destroy relationships, finances, friendships, and basically ruin everything, not to mention draw the attention of law enforcement. People around you will never remember the sweet, nice, amiable fellow that you are most of the time. That flash anger you display will be what they think of and they will always be afraid it's coming. So ya gotta handle it and have it at the same time.

A famous psychologist once said "Do not teach your children not to be angry but HOW to be angry."

How to be angry? First, know why you're angry. If it's just the mood swing then say so. If you cannot objectively find a reason to be mad, then be mad but not mad at anything. I am mad quite a bit and nobody knows it because I have nothing to be mad at. It's like feeling happy for no reason. It's just an emotion.

"Are you mad or moody?"
"Yes, but not mad at you of anything really. Just angry."

Being honest that way makes it easier for others and it allows me to vent just a teeny bit without feelign shamed for feeling as I do.

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Nov 19

I know how you feeling. I'm also dealing with depression and anxiety. I'm now seeing a therapist. It
hasn't fixed my problems, but at least that someone to vent to, that doesn't judge you. My health planner also suggested that I get a counselor to call when needing to talk. God Bless!! Will keep you in prayer.


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