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Hello, I recently joined and I'm looking for support on how

Hello, I recently joined and I'm looking for support on how to deal with depression and anxiety with some anger issues where I lash out. I've posted twice but not really getting any feed back maybe I'm not sure how this works. I just want to be heard and be able to express myself

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Sep 11

Thank you soo much!
I've been doing my research and I was wondering if you know if combining these two together is bad for you or should I just concentrate on doing one at a time someone also reco.recommended Chamomile too. What do you think would be my best option I am currently working on a daily workout routine for myself. I feel any downtime i have it will cause me to be depressed and my mind will go crazy i just want to be the person i know i am deep down inside. Please help

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Sep 11

I think just being there for him would make him proud. It might just be bringing him a hot lunch etc. I think the perspective you have w/ your dad is very humbling and kind. I imagine all the kindness you provide him is greatly appreciated on his part. I have let my past creep into the present at times. I think understanding and self forgviness are crucial. No illness will define's simply a label to help you get the proper treatment. Have you considerded therapy or something that would be of interest?

Sep 13

I have combined them for years, the help each other out, so no worries. Chamomile is great too, but won't fix it if you are low in magnesium. That's great that you are working on a routine that is healthy for you! All three work well together, no interaction problems. =) <3


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