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November 19th, 2020


Having horrible chest pain. Feels like a stabbing sensation

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Having horrible chest pain. Feels like a stabbing sensation when i breathe in/out and pressure on my chest. I had this pain last night too though not this bad.

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Jun 28

I do have some that i need to do everyday. Im trying to slowly strengthen my lungs. I was told by my pulmonologist that would be vital in the recovery process. I made it 6 houses down the street and back once. I almost went further, but chest started hurting. I brought my inhaler that helped so i could walk back home. Today has been rough...i feel really weak physically.

Jun 30

Hi...was thinking about you! How are you doing?

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Jul 1

I had two major asthma attacks so far today. The first was getting groceries...i used the scooter, but the coughing was horrid. I couldn't stop coughing no matter what i did. It lasted for about 30min. The really friendly check out lady scanned my stuff as she knew i was sick. It was one of the worst asthma attacks in awhile. The manger there said "you sound like your dying." The second one was was not quite as bad thankfully. Im just glad it's over so doing better.


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