Anxiety. I have to talk on the phone tomorrow people like me

Anxiety. I have to talk on the phone tomorrow people like me arent good on the phone.

Jan 21

Maybe write down some of the things you might say or talk about on a piece of paper to use as a sort of guideline. It might make it a little less stressful.

Foundlove's picture
Jan 22

I hope things went well with your phone conversation. I can’t help but notice how negative your thinking about yourself. I don’t want you to feel like that about yourself. To me, I think your expressing a core belief that “I’m not good at talking in the phone.” I think your probably pretty good at talking on phone sometimes. An exercise that can be helpful is to list your core beliefs and change to positive ones. For example, a core belief could be “nobody will love me.” I change that to “I think that nobody will love me but actually I have people in my life that do, and I have plenty to offer someone that may result in others loving me .” Another example of core belief is “I’m worthless.” You can write and change to “at times maybe I feel worthless but it’s not true. I am strong, kind and loving.” I hope this little exercise helps you in your life.


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