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2 years ago I became emotionally numb. It took me a year to

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2 years ago I became emotionally numb. It took me a year to understand that I was numb n another year to make myself better.... All this time I used time I used to think that I was selfish n indifferent. I HV been going through emotional breakdowns for 2 months. And erry breakdown is more severe than the last one. With every breakdown i feel I'm becoming numb again. I'm afraid that I won't be able to make it back this time .....

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Dec 7

thank you for reaching out, I will be your friend in sadness, I too get numb from depression, all I can say is that being honest about my weaknesses to people and online has helped me alot, writing stuff down helps too, watching youtube videos about depression help me a lot too. good luck <3


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