I just want to wish everyone a good day. I wish you find the

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I just want to wish everyone a good day. I wish you find the light of hope when feeling abandoned in the darkness. I am on the edge of giving up on something that I have put efforts since 3 years. Giving up on it will ruin me emotionally. Im still struggling not to. I need strength, courage and self confidence. Its not easy to achieve those when you have to deal with depression without any help.

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Apr 17

that is a wonderful wish for us in what sounds like a dark moment for you. it is not easy at all to achieve those, especially not when dealing with depression. if you end up giving up on it, perhaps a new beginning can come of that? the only thing any of us can do is make the best of things day by day, moment by moment.

Apr 17

Thank you for the wish. I am searching for the light and working on believing it is there. About giving up on something, I had to give up after working really hard on something for 5 years. Now I am falling back on the sayings 'when one door closes, another door opens', and 'new beginnings are often disguised as painful endings'. I'm doing my best to believe these are true, and that right around the corner is another opportunity. I'm not saying you're going to give up, but sometimes letting go of something is the right decision. Just wanted to share the quotes in case they're comforting at all.


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