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i feel depressed because i left my work because of a bad bos

i feel depressed because i left my work because of a bad boss that kept bothering me and now i can't find another work for about a month probably because my skills aren't the best and also because of country circumstances - egypt - plus i don't know someone who could get me a job, i have alot of friends but i don't consider them real friends because they don't make me feel any better about myself, i have to hang out with them to pass time but being with them make me sad, being alone making it worst, my family, i can't even be frank with them because once i break down in front of them my mother keeps crying and that also makes me feel sad, im fat. all that makes me depressed and i can't say all that to anyone outside in the real world that's why im here, to talk to someone in first place and that might make me feel better, 2nd someone might encourage me and tell me what to do about my life

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Nov 10

@mop1480 How are you doing now? Has the situation improved?

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Nov 10

I believe in you. Keep on thriving and looking for another job.

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Nov 27

@PracticalGrit617 Thanks, just saw this now. You are a very thoughtful person. I know I am grateful for all that's been given to me but I thought by now, the Lord would've seen how much I struggled thru difficult marriage, kid's super bad health, loss of loved one, real estate gone bad, lay-offs, reinventions, etc...I used to be an incredibly strong person. I just kept GOING as the hits kept coming. Bad decisions were made by a loved one. I don't know how to forgive it (and yes I've prayed long & hard about it). Our life is made up of our OWN choices, but after YEARS of feeling alone, many of us don't have the strength to join the human race again without bitterness nastily trailing behind....


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