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How many times can a person cry in one day? Or one week? I a

How many times can a person cry in one day? Or one week? I am so broken. My wife and kids are on vacation in Florida. I miss them so much. I hate that I am not there. I’ve been mostly bedridden all week. I have no hope left.

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Mar 15

@I_Am_Still_Here sorry to hear that

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Mar 16

I've had to miss out on things due to chronic fatigue and pain. It is very difficult to be in this situation. I also spent most of my time in bed. I'm not sure what advice to share that will help. Being in that position caused me to look inward and toward homeopathic medicines that mite help. I had to learn to listen to my body and not push myself to hard... I'm sorry ur going thru this.

Mar 16

@I_Am_Still_Here I was doing some online research--doctors CAN diagnose me/CFS. How long have u had this? Do u have a general practitioner doc or a specialist. CFS can be confused with depression. Or maybe intertwined with feelings of depression. Have u ever been diagnosed with depression or MDD? Do u take antidepressants? Do You want to feel better? Would u be willing to try ketamine? Ketamine is an old drug and lots of research on its use and effectiveness for depression. It is administered intravenously in a dr ofc. Takes 20 minutes. Effects are almost immediate and last about a week. Then patients go back weekly for their infusion.
Docs have to try stuff in order to rule in or rule out diagnoses... Hugs and hope
You will all feel better when u have a diagnosis


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