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Hi, the last time i have been here was a year and 2 months a

Hi, the last time i have been here was a year and 2 months ago, and I have been through alot since then.

I got in a toxic relationship, one that I still learn from till today. I got my old friends back and im still close to them even if we dont meet alot.

I graduated with a score that was not what I wanted, I made up with all of my friends that I have hurt. Although I dont talk to them as much.

I havent thought about self harm in a while, I still do sometimes but I can now calm myself and remember to do the right thing.

Im in highschool now,freshman. I didnt get into the school I wanted but im looking to transfer if I can on my junior year.

I have tons of friends now, theyre not the people im most comfortable with but im still glad and happy with them.

I got in a basketball club that im fine with, again im not comfortable with them yet but im trying my best.

I got in a fight with my class president. It was about our class show for the talent show. I went and became the leader of the class because of that. I still feel bad but i dont know how to apologize because it was a long time ago.

I almost tried to suicide again 2 months ago, i was ready with pills on my hands but i stood up and closed my medicine cabinet.

Last week I talked to my parents about my almost suicide. We got in a fight but things worked out.

Tonight me and my mom talked about her hardships of being a parent and her missing my late-grandparents. I tried my best to talk to her. I hope it helped her.

The point of making this post is that life will go on. Its not going to be some movie where after you finish the main problem your life will be smooth sailing. Things will still happen even if its bad or good.

I now know that suicide is just an option for a momentary hurt. I feel what my parents would feel if I did it. What my siblings would feel and what my friends would feel. I am ready to grow.

My life is still not what I wanted yet and that's fine. Im still happy and proud of who I am. Im still growing. Im still not in my best mental health but its okay. Im okay. Im still happy and proud of myself. I have not come out as bi yet. Its okay, I still have time and im not rushing yet.

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You have been through a ton. I am so impressed by how you've been able to communicate with your family about what's going on for you! Stay strong!!

May 19

Thank you for this encouragement. Thank you for sharing.

Stay strong, God bless.

8 hours ago

I am proud of you for your determination to pull through this. It is good you talked to someone about your attempted suicide. Is there anyone else you can talk to for support? like a sibling you are close to, a trusted friend, or your church pastor? If you find yourself in crisis please call 911 or National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255. There is also a Text Crisis Number 741741 and someone will text you right back. Have you sen any one professionally like a therapist or something? if not then here is a number for a great place that can offer some free counseling advise and can refer you to professionals in your area 1-855-382-5433. Also here are some references that might help you out.http://bit.ly/2yc8nk5 I hope these help. Prayers for you my friend.


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